Hospitals, ACOs and MSOs have to deal with multiple sources of data, often on multiple EMR and PM systems and yet be able to deliver aggregated analytics and reporting. We make this happen with an overlay solution which rides on top of most ONC Certified, MU compliant EMR systems.
The ability to view and communicate complex information visually is critical to making informed decisions. We provide real-time scoreboards and dashboards to give clients the information they need for fully-informed, better coordinated care and treatment decisions.
Despite the overwhelming presence of big data, healthcare providers often struggle to contextualize and analyze the information at their disposal into useable insights that drive performance.
Hospitals, ACOs and MSOs have a plethora of data but often find it hard to aggregate, analyze and use the data effectively. We step in with our deep domain expertise, advanced analytical tools and an overlay solution model that does not require expensive interfaces.  We deploy our core products in conjunction with customized solutions including :
Solutions For Hospitals, ACOs and MSOs
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An easy-to-use solution for meeting the complex requirements of Medicare’s new Chronic Management Program.
The patient engagement module is currently under development and testing. When deployed, this module will further enhance providers’ ability to enhance patient health outcomes.    
The population health module helps to identify gaps in care, stratify patient health risk, proactively engage patients, and measure care quality outcomes.
Increasing the number of patients receiving annual wellness exams
Increasing practice revenues 
Reducing the number of patients with gaps in care 

Tracking and Reporting on all CQM measures
Simplifying the tracking and reporting of key metrics for GPRO reporting
Reducing manual labor by automating several aspects of care-gap analysis and follow-up workflow
Through our transformative and adaptive, cloud-based Intelligent Care Management Suite (iCMS™), we uses gap analytics to help you:
We also delivers expert professional services to handle Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) challenges and customized analytics.
• Improve patient health outcomes
• Reduce the cost of care