Scoreboards & Dashboards

UnisLink can help you make and communicate informed decisions through real-time scoreboards and dashboards.

Simplify and Communicate Complex Information through Scoreboards and Dashboards

To make the most informed decisions, it is critical for today’s healthcare organization to be able to view and communicate complex information visually. UnisLink provides real-time scoreboards and dashboards to give you the information you need to support fully informed, better-coordinated care and treatment decisions. The system enables users — including patients, clinicians and health administrators — to access essential intelligence and share information through one simple interface.

Features include:

  • A simple, secure dashboard where users can manage their work and their day.
  • The ability to select, install and use health apps and communicate via text, email or video with colleagues, peers and patients.
  • Intuitive query and reporting analysis that provides means to improve clinical care and quality of outcomes is of critical importance.

Complimentary Discovery Session

Contact us today for a complimentary, ‘no-strings- attached’ 1-hour discovery session to learn how our scoreboards and dashboards (from our analytics process) could have a dramatic impact to your healthcare organization’s outcomes and performance.