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UnisLink EngageTM

Supercharged, Integrated Reporting Application

Improve performance and increase revenue with data-driven insights.
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Engage with Your Data

UnisLink’s proprietary, client-facing EngageTM Reporting App is an all-in-one analytical tool designed to aggregate data from your billing system to generate actionable analytical reports and graphic visualizations. Included with all of our RCM billing solutions, EngageTM was built, and is continually updated, to prioritize input from our physician end-users.

Our flexible Financial Reports Dashboard empowers you to quickly review summaries and trends with top-to-bottom drilldown under multiple categories.

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Customized for Your Success

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UnisLink does more than provide basic medical billing solutions. We work hand-in-hand with providers of all types and sizes to manage revenue cycles and population health across multiple payment models. We are passionate about helping healthcare providers foster better health for their patients while also maximizing their financial returns.

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