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UnisLink welcomes AQREVA, Doctors’ Resource Specialists (DRS) , and Healthcare Support Technologies (HST) to our team!

Providers Can’t Win the RaceOn Their Own

Today, providers are having to do more with less. Regulations and penalties are growing, while reimbursements are shrinking or becoming more dependent on value-based care metrics.

We believe you shouldn't have to choose between running your practice or caring for your patients. Our modular solutions take the frustration out of administration, so you can get back to helping and healing.

Business Revenue Improvement Services

Our Benefit to Providers

We build a suite of services tailored to your needs — either by helping you improve in-house operations, or by affordably outsourcing crucial aspects of your business. Mix and match from an array of options to customize your ride for the journey ahead.

Improve Financial Performance

Get the most mileage for your buck by reducing overhead, staying compliant, mitigating risk factors, and increasing collections.

Minimize Denials and Claims Issues

Eliminating accounting and documentation errors means fewer denials, and increased profits.

Promote Patient Retention

Payment and appointment reminders, convenient portals, and engagement alerts maintain communication with patients and prevent attrition.

Manage Core Functionality and Growth

Are you looking to take your practice from four to eight cylinder performance? We can get you there.

Follow-Through AR Effectively and Efficiently

Our Robotic Process Automation technology runs continuously in the background to prevent repeat errors and optimize billing and follow-up workflows.

Negotiate Better Contracts

In addition to strengthening your overall financial position, we can advise on opportunities and strategies that can secure your business' future.

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