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UnisLink welcomes AQREVA, Doctors’ Resource Specialists (DRS) , and Healthcare Support Technologies (HST) to our team!

How Can You Manage BusinessWhile Managing Care?

Healthcare regulations and reimbursement models continue to change and grow in complexity. Physicians and healthcare organizations can't stay ahead of the changes on their own while managing the health of their patients and their business.


With UnisLink, you have an experienced, proven partner to help you manage your day-to-day business AND navigate population health challenges so you can focus on patient care and life balance.


Our unique data and analytics-driven approach levels the playing field giving organizations of any size access to solutions once available only to enormous institutions with deep pockets — affordably and easily implemented.


Maximize Outcomes Under AnyPayment Model

Our modular data aggregation and population health solutions empower outcome-focused providers, medical practices, ACOs, and clinically integrated networks to succeed under multiple reimbursement models.

• Adaptive tools improve revenue and outcomes under both value-based care and fee for service.
• Automation identifies and proactively engages patients for high-risk intervention or routine care.
• Built to help you succeed with CCM programs.

Keep Your Business Cruising Smoothly

Does your current Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) model ever leave you stranded when it's time to verify eligibility, capture quality measures or address denials? Travel beyond better medical billing solutions with our comprehensive one-source solution for all of your RCM Needs.

Think of it as a performance roadster with a powerful set of under the hood and in-cabin features delivering supercharged performance and unrivaled driver experience.

In Cabin

Fully-Integrated PM Workflow

Includes charge capture, claims scrubbing, clearing house, and all aspects of practice billing workflow.

Coding Benchmark Analysis

Gives you insight into your coding mix, helping improve effectiveness while staying compliant.

Clinical Quality Measures Capture

Target, collect, report and easily meet MIPS requirements.

Care-Gap & Patient Risk Analytics

Track risk and gaps in care for your entire patient population.

Proactive Patient Alerts

Enable automated messages and reminders by phone and text.

Under the Hood

AR and Denial Follow-up

Powered by Robotic Process Automation that prevents repeat errors and continually, exponentially improves efficiency.

Enhanced Eligibility Verification

Including the ability to confirm retroactive Medicaid coverage.

Automated Workflows

Power every step of the medical billing process, dramatically increasing collections and minimizing denials.

Intuitive Reporting Engine

Delivers unparalleled insight into payments, quality, and even contract negotiation opportunities.

Patient Payments Maximized

automated text and IVR payment reminders, and a convenient digital payment portal.

Scalable, customizable services to help you efficiently and economically manage the day-to-day medical billing and reporting demands on your organization-in your office, or in ours


Advanced Analytics

Your data contains a wealth of useful knowledge that's typically out of reach for all but the largest or most advanced organizations. Our analytics engine converts data to action for everyone, regardless of size or experience.


Medical Billing Solutions/Revenue Cycle Management

Billing isn't what it used to be. We'll help you navigate RCM twists and turns for greater efficiency and profitability.


Value-Added Reporting

Data-driven insights help you clearly visualize your performance and goals with new eyes, for more cost- and health-effective decisions.


Process Outsourcing

Let our experts take care of business administration, so that your team can focus on providing top-notch service and care.


Process Optimization

Have your processes and procedures got too much drag? Let's streamline.


Credentialing Services

Our experts handle the credentialing process from start to finish. They've got their eyes on your applications, so you can keep yours on the road ahead.


Coding Review and Recommendation Services

Don't let small errors cost you big bucks. We help you accurately document every patient encounter for optimum reimbursement.


CMS Qualified Registry

As a CMS qualified registry, we collect clinical data from MIPS eligible Providers or groups and submit the data to CMS on their behalf.


Population Health

Destination: Health Outcome Improvement

The goal of value-based care is reached by guiding better patient health outcomes and organically reducing costs. It's not enough to drive great care, you need to focus on short and long term care while continually signalling improvement along the route.

That requires a population health solution that not only guides you in the treatment of the patients who need you most, but also helps you accurately code, document and report your work.

Our modular population health solution helps you fill in the blanks to connect patient health outcomes with value-based care success.

Care Gap Analytics

Our analytics let you know where current potholes are, and where future ones might be, so you can navigate them with ease.

Patient Engagement

We make segmenting and interacting with your population easy and effective, so that no patient falls through the cracks.

Clinical Quality Measures

From coordinating excellent care to improving patient outcomes, hit all your quality benchmarks and maximize your reimbursements.

Chronic Care Management

Providing care to your most vulnerable patients has never been more critical. With us, it's also never been easier.

Proactive Patient Alerts

Optimally-timed updates and communications make missed appointments a thing of the past.

Risk Mitigation

Identifying and distinguishing between high- and low-risk patients helps you prioritize care and lower costs.

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