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Healthcare Organisation


Healthcare organizations are producing an enormous amount of data on a daily basis – from clinical information such as patient records, drug interaction information, lab test results, population health data, to financial information of different kinds. The challenge for providers and decision makers in healthcare organizations is to find the useful nuggets of insight and intelligence from this vast mass of data in a timely and cost effective manner


UnisLink assists organizations with various Business Intelligence (BI) functions including reporting, analytics, data mining, process mapping, business performance management and benchmarking.

As healthcare organizations try to navigate the new demands of the Affordable Healthcare Act and provisions such as the introduction of Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) and Affordable Care Organizations (ACO) models, BI is taking on greater importance and urgency. UnisLink provides services to help our clients make better decisions, gather insight from detailed reporting and manage compliance more reliably.

Some of the areas which we can assist clients include the following:

  • Financial analysis – Enable providers to analyze current care practice patterns to identify unnecessary or under-utilized services, forecast collections and monitor claims and payments information.
  • Performance quality analysis – Augment standard reports available from Electronic Health Systems to dive deeper and understand individual and population level risk profiles using healthcare services, drug use, patient demographics and compliance level information. Additionally, performance analysis supports providers with PQRI reporting needs and assists with outcomes reporting for ACOs.
  • Patient satisfaction analysis – Aggregates patient satisfaction data and assists with deriving insight and decision making support from our advanced analytical support.
  • Claims and clinical data analysis – The anticipated shift from “Fee for Service” models to “Pay for Performance” models is likely to place huge demands on providers to be able to look at their claims data very differently from now.  We can assist in establishing the analytical framework and the reporting tools needed to understand how clinical performance drives revenue.