Tips for Billing Mental Health Services -

Tips for Billing Mental Health Services

Billing for mental health services within a primary care setting can be a challenge, due in part to the variability in requirements across private and public insurers.

Mental health services, for which billing may prove a challenge, include:

  1. Screening and treatment of mental health problems (e.g. depression);
  2. Coordination and case management;
  3. Consultation with other providers;
  4. Use of telemedicine for service provision (important in rural areas);


Many physicians spend a significant amount of time engaged in counseling patients or coordinating patient care. The CPT nomenclature for Evaluation and Management (E/M) coding defines counseling as a discussion with the patient and / or family or other caregiver concerning one or more of the following areas: Diagnostic results, impressions, and / or recommended diagnostic studies, Prognosis, Risks and benefits of management (treatment) options, Instructions for management (treatment) and / or follow-up, Importance of compliance with chosen management (treatment) options, Risk factor reduction, Patient and family education.

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